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IMPORTANT DATES: Online registration deadline : extended to September 15th Paper submission deadline : extended to July 15th 6:00 pm GMT


We are pleased to announce the Ultrafast Magnetism Conference, from October 28th until November 1st 2013, dedicated to dynamical processes in magnetic materials at the femtosecond and picosecond scales. In the past years Ultrafast Magnetism has expanded in many directions opening new approaches like, time resolved Xrays and TeraHertz probing, spatio-temporal dynamics of the magnetization either by Xray diffraction or scanning probes, study of new magnetic materials and nanostructures.
This series of conferences will occur every two years in different countries.
An oral, two poster sessions and a post-deadline session will be organized in a friendly atmosphere with refreshments. The accepted articles will be published by Springer Verlag in a dedicated proceedings book. An important effort is made to keep the conference fees low for PhD’s and post-docs (200 €) as well as for senior scientists (350 €).

A limited number of grants are available for Phds and Post-docs, allowing us to waive their registration fees (200 €). Those interested please mention it on a short email when submitting your paper on line.

The deadline for the 1 to 3 pages article (see the template), also used for the proceedings, is Monday June 24th 6:00 pm GMT.
Authors are encouraged to submit as soon as possible. Examples of typical topics are the following :

Spin waves dynamics
Theory of spin dynamics (atomistic, multiscale, ab-initio)
Magnetization dynamics in Doped Magnetic Semiconductors
Terahertz and Infrared time resolved spin dynamics
XMCD and far UV time resolved spin dynamics
Time resolved spins photo-emission
Ultrafast magnetization dynamics: metals, garnets, nanostructures
Spin dynamics in oxides
Industrial prospects in ultrafast spin dynamics

The international board of Chairmen.
Jean-Yves Bigot, Theo Rasing, Wolfgang Hübner, Roy Chantrell